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Brisbane Irrigation Solutions

Queensland Water Services QLD is an irrigation installation and pump sales company based out of Morayfield. We provide total water system services in the surrounding communities with a focus on irrigation and water pumps.

Our team works on the whole process from planning to regular system maintenance. With more than 25 years of experience in the business, we’re confident we can find the right way forward for your property.
Water System Planning — Pumps and Irrigation Systems in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Design & Planning

The primary service we provide is irrigation system design. We’ll sit down with you for a consultation to find out exactly what you want to accomplish with an irrigation system. Then, we’ll go over your land and water access points to see how we can best arrange the system.

A good design goes a long way. Without a blueprint on how to proceed, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. We’ve been doing this long enough to understand the area, the unique concerns around our part of Queensland and the limitations of an irrigation system. Let us help you draft a plan and design your new water system.

System Installation in Brisbane

The next step in the process is installing the system. Once the design is ready, we can begin laying down the piping and setting it up. We’ll guide you through the pump sales process and you’ll get a powerful Gould, Southern Cross or Lowara pump set. This is the centrepiece of your irrigation system, pressurising water so it reaches even the farthest corners of tubing.

During installation our team will work around your land as gently as possible. We won’t come and uproot your crops or disturb your garden unless absolutely necessary. Any digging or building will take place only where the system needs it to happen so we can leave your land in great shape after the installation is finished.

We’re experienced in laying piping under many different types of surfaces. If we have to get piping underneath a road or driveway, walking path, tree roots or other obstacles, we’ll put it down with as little disturbance as possible. When cutting is required, we’ll patch up whatever we cut once the work is finished.
System Installation — Pumps and Irrigation Systems in Sunshine Coast, QLD
Maintenance & Repairs — Pumps and Irrigation Systems in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Maintenance & Repairs in the Brisbane Region

Water has a way of slowly degrading the systems used to carry and disperse it. Over time pipes begin to erode and leak while pumps weaken with consistent use. We’ll be working with you to make sure your system is well maintained and looking good. If something breaks or if we catch a problem during an inspection, we can repair your system and get it back into working order quickly.

High Tech and Manual Options

We believe that every bit of tech has its place. If you like high tech solutions that allow you to monitor pumps, detect water flow problems and control everything from a central device, we can do that. If you prefer manual solutions that don’t rely on networks of devices, we can also do that.

To each his own. Depending on the size and scope of your project and budget, we can recommend the best path forward for you so you can enjoy your water system with as little hassle as possible.
High Tech Water System — Pumps and Irrigation Systems in Sunshine Coast, QLD
Agricultural Water System — Pumps and Irrigation Systems in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Agricultural and Residential Solutions in Brisbane

Irrigation is useful in many different contexts. Whether you have an entire farm to provide water for or a simple home garden, you can benefit from irrigation. With the long dry seasons in Brisbane, water systems can save you from withering plants or losing them completely. No need to rely solely on the rain when you can create your own irrigation system at home or on the farm.